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Cora- Spiritual Teacher and Consultant

Cora is a qualified spiritual teacher, advisor, 3rd Degree High Priestess of the Caputo Clan Tradition, Founder of the Moonlit Sacred Circle Coven, and gives a year long course in 1st Degree Wiccan training, and guides her students and clients through their spiritual path. She is a experienced consultant in the Wiccan religion who uses her intuition and lifelong knowledge of her studies to offer guidance to all of her students and clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction and discover their own path in Spirituality.

When you enroll in the course, or schedule a reading with Cora, you will discover a whole new world being opened up in front of your very eyes, and you will receive the guidance you need to pursue life in a positive manner. This world will show you the magickal side of life and show you the benefits of living a spiritual lifestyle. Cora also offers a huge variety of Herbal Preventative treatments and other Herbal products along with multiple other services such as Handfasting Ceremonies, Wiccanings/Paganings, Pagan Funerals, and much more. She has an answer for all of your needs. Contact us for a FREE consultation to find out how we can help you. Blessed Be.

Areas covered include:

Love and Relationships



Education: Becoming a certified Wiccan practitioner

Guidance for Future Goals and Desires








Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

All lessons are done online. Long Distance Readings are done online. Local readings are done face to face.

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